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Laminate Installation


Laminate is a locking, loose lay product, meaning it is in no way attached to your subfloor, but instead installed on top of an underlayment pad.


All underlayments are not created equal. Not to worry, we use a 3mm, 4 in 1 pad that features superior moisture and mold protection, as well as sound reduction and a cushioned yet firm feel under your feet. Loose lay floors have the advantage to bypass potential problems with your slab, such as settling and/or cracks etc. Almost all laminate on the market these days is 12mm thick, which makes for a heavier, more durable floor. Unlike laminate flooring of the past with the appearance of a seamless surface, our products do an incredible job of simulating a real wood floor. Each board represents an individual plank of wood with beveled edging and is available to realistically resemble a variety of wood species such as hickory, birch, maple etc. Our installation process also includes leveling/preparing your subfloor to ensure lasting integrity of your new floor. Door jambs are undercut for a clean look and trim such as transitions between different types of flooring, and quarter round to cover the expansion gaps between the laminate flooring and your baseboards are installed. We clean your new floor, move your furniture back and bingo. You are ready to retire your vacuum cleaner.

Tip: Hold it ! Don't dump your vacuum cleaner just yet. Once you adjust the height setting, you may find it a valuable tool to use on your new floor.

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