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Carpet Installation & Repair

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Whether or not you purchased your carpet from us, we employ professional in house installers to make your new flooring a reality. We begin by carefully moving your furniture, as if it was our own. Existing carpet and pad is removed and hauled off. The subfloor is cleaned, tack strip is checked for integrity and replaced or installed where needed. Carpet pad is stapled and/or glued down to prevent the pad from separating, which could cause the new carpet to appear uneven. For the installation we use a power carpet stretcher instead of just "kicking" the carpet in with a knee stretcher. This eliminates the need for an untimely restretch and assures the best possible appearance of your new carpet. Once vacuumed, we replace your furniture the way we found it....Done.

Tip: When attempting to move furniture that is positioned on the carpet but to heavy to lift, use furniture sliders, aka plastic carpet sliders. 

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